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Patrick, Lynn and Ross Eden




Edens' 36J2, a solid intermediate buck.  He was BOSV solid and BOS at the 2013 ARBA Convention. He is a second generation convention winner.  His dame was BOV Solid at the 2012 ARBA Convention.


Edens' Critical Spare
#9  Top Lop 06-07
2 Time BIS Winner





 On the left is Edens' 13K3 and on the right is Edens' 2A6.  She was BOV broken and he was BOSV Broken and BOS at the 2012 Lop Nationals.  13K3 won BOB and BIS the day after.  We also won BOSV solid and Best Display. 



 Edens' White Tip Shark
BOV 2007 ARBA Convention
#1 Top Lop for 07-08





 Edens' 1K5, intermediate doe, was BOV broken at the 2013 ARBA Convention.